Children under 4ft tall must be in a stroller

We require a mask when you are in the office.  Masks are not required outside, in the park.  Please plan accordingly and have your mask on when you enter the office.

All dogs who enter the park must show proof of current rabies vaccine either by tag or vet record

Rabies Vaccine

Children at the park

Dog Wood Park is pleased to welcome visitors.  You can purchase a daily pass and enjoy the park with no membership commitment.  Visitors must register with the office and pay the daily fee before entering the park.

The price for visitor admission is $11 for the first dog and $1.25 for each additional dog.  

Park membership is not required.  However, having a membership has a lot of perks and will save you money if you visit frequently.  

Welcome Visitors

Weekdays 10-4:30

Weekends 9-5

Visitors are welcome to the park during office hours.  As long as you are checked into the office, you may stay until the park closes at 10pm.

Office Hours

Neuter Requirement

7407 Salisbury Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Jacksonville's Largest Dog Park

Dogs over 1 year must be neutered to enter the park


M-F 10 - 4:30

Weekends 9 - 5