Park Admission 

Dog Wood Park is pleased to welcome visitors.  You can purchase a daily pass and enjoy the park with no membership commitment.

The price for visitor admission is $11 for the first dog and $1.25 for each additional dog. 

Park membership is not required.  However, having a membership has a lot of perks and will save you money if you visit frequently.  Park membership starts at $35 + tax per month (first and last month up front required to start) or

$275 + tax for an annual membership.  **key fob required with each membership, $10 + tax**


One of the things dogs learn at a dog park is that different dogs play differently. Sometimes owners who are not used to these different play styles mistake play aggression for true aggression. If the other dog is showing true aggression toward your dog remove your dog from the area and notify park staff of the situation.

​Aggressive dogs (dogs who attack other dogs with the intent to harm them) and bullies are not welcome at Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville.

If the other dog is simply playing in a style that your dog is uncomfortable with, you have several options:

(1) move your dog to another part of the park

(2) give your dog a chance to see if he can figure out how to handle the situation himself--often times dogs are able to work these things out themselves

(3) talk with the dog's owner and explain that your dog is uncomfortable with their dog's behavior; this third option will be necessary if you move to another area and the offending dog follows you.

One would hope that the owner of a dog who is making your dog uncomfortable would do something to end the situation, but unfortunately not everyone understands dog behavior well enough to pick up on when a dog is scared, intimidated or really annoyed; you may need to explain to the offending dog's owner that your dog is not enjoying their dog's attentions.