FAQs for members

I was at the park the other day and one of other dogs kept bothering my dog. The dog's owner saw what was going on but did nothing. What should I do if this happens again? There is a wide range in dog play styles: some dogs play rough, growling and snapping as they play; some include humping behavior in their repertoire; some dogs, especially energetic puppies between 6 and 12 months of age, don't seem to know when to stop.


One of the things dogs learn at a dog park is that different dogs play differently. Sometimes owners who are not used to these different play styles mistake play aggression for true aggression. If the other dog is showing true aggression toward your dog remove your dog from the area and notify park staff of the situation. Aggressive dogs (dogs who attack other dogs with the intent to harm them) and bullies are not welcome at Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville. If the other dog is simply playing in a style that your dog is uncomfortable with, you have several options: (1) move your dog to another part of the park, (2) give your dog a chance to see if he can figure out how to handle the situation himself--often times dogs are able to work these things out themselves, (3) talk with the dog's owner and explain that your dog is uncomfortable with their dog's behavior; this third option will be necessary if you move to another area and the offending dog follows you. One would hope that the owner of a dog who is making your dog uncomfortable would do something to end the situation, but unfortunately not everyone understands dog behavior well enough to pick up on when a dog is scared, intimidated or really annoyed; you may need to explain to the offending dog's owner that your dog is not enjoying their dog's attentions.

Can I bring non-member people with me to the park? Is there a charge?

Member people can bring any number of non-member people with them to the park at any time; there is no charge. These non-member people are considered your guests, and you are responsible for their behavior while they are in the park. Make sure they understand and follow all park rules.

Can I bring non-member dogs with me to the park? Is there a charge?

You may bring to the park non-member dogs along with your member dogs during any of our office hours. You will be expected to enter the park through the building and pay the day rates for the non-member dogs ($6 for the first dog and $1 for any additional dogs in the same family).

I will be gone for a few days and my friend will be taking care of my dog. Can I give my friend my key card/fob and allow her to bring my dog to the park?

Yes, you can do this, but please make sure your friend understands that the only dog she can bring to the park is your member dog (she can't bring her non-member dog unless she visits during office hours and pays for the dog to use the park). Make sure she knows all park rules and agrees to follow them. Make sure she understands that she should not give out your key card/fob to anyone, or let anyone in the park. Make sure she understands and agrees with the liability waiver (and preferably has signed a liability waiver sign-in sheet). Even though you will not be there with your friend, she will be considered your guest and you will be responsible for her behavior while in the park.

Friends from out of town will be spending some time with me next month and they will be bringing their dog. (Or I'll be taking care of a friend's dog for several days next month.) Are there any special rates for a situation like this?


You have choices: you can either bring your friends' dog with you during office hours and pay the non-member dog rate ($6 for the first dog and $1 for each additional dog) each time you come. Or you may buy a special short-term membership for the dog ($25 plus tax for one week, $37.50 plus tax for two weeks or $50 plus tax for one month) so the dog/s can come with you anytime.