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Visitors Welcome!  This weekend all visitor and bath punch cards are

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Jacksonville's Largest Dog Park





About Us:

​We understand dogs can get a little dirty playing in the worries!  We offer warm water tubs for self-serve bathing in the office.  We also have a FREE rinse station outside.

We provide everything you need to get your dog shiny and clean!  

** Brushes
** Towels
** Your choice of Lucy shampoo
** Ear cleaner

$9.00 non-members
$8.00 members​


Monday - Friday 10-4:30

Weekends  9-5

The park is open until 10 pm 

Members may enter the park through the member gate from 6 am until 10 pm every day.  Visitors must check into the office during office hours but may stay in the park until closing.

Visitors must bring proof of current rabies vaccination

Male dogs over 8 months must be neutered​

Children under 4 ft must be in a stroller