Visitors Welcome!  Cost is $11 for one dog $1.25 for each addl dog

Membership cost is $37.45 per month one dog  $39.59 for 2 dogs

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Jacksonville's Largest Dog Park

Visitors must bring proof of current rabies vaccination

Male dogs over 8 months must be neutered​

Children under 4 ft must be in a stroller

​We understand dogs can get a little dirty playing in the worries!  We offer warm water tubs for self-serve bathing in the office.  We also have a FREE rinse station outside.

We provide everything you need to get your dog shiny and clean!  

** Brushes
** Towels
** Your choice of Lucy shampoo
** Ear cleaner

$9.00 non-members
$8.00 members​

Monday - Friday 10-4:30

Weekends  9-5

The park is open until 10 pm 

Members may enter the park through the member gate from 6 am until 10 pm every day.  Visitors must check into the office during office hours but may stay in the park until closing.