Visitors are welcome at the park! 

Price for Visitor Admission:

One Dog  $11.00

Two Dogs $12.25

Three Dogs $13.50

separate area for little dogs

Our office will be OPEN on Wednesday, July 4th from 9-5.

We have calming treats available in the office for dogs who are afraid of fireworks and loud noises.  Cost is $1.50 for 2 treats.  Stop by and pick some up today so your furry friends will be calm on the 4th of July.

​lake for swimming

fully fenced dog park


Dog Wood Park is located at 7407 Salisbury Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256. 

We are by I-95/Butler area just a few blocks south of Dave & Busters.

Contact Us

Office Phone (904)296-3636

Office Fax (904)296-3635

Office Email

Rabies vaccination REQUIRED -- All visitor dogs must show proof of current rabies vaccination every visit.


Neuter REQUIRED -- All male dogs over 8 months must be neutered.




For everyone's safety, we have very strict rules for bringing children to the parkCLICK HERE to read our rules and be prepared.